SIENA NIST SIENA’s objectives are complementary to the role of the US National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) in cloud standards, guidance and technology. NIST partners with the EC and SIENA specifically in these areas. SIENA & NIST have developed a working relationship to help exchange efforts in common needs, recommendations and next steps.

Cloudscape Workshops

The context

Organisations considering using a cloud-based service need a clear understanding of the privacy, security, and legal consequences before signing the SLA with a service provider, as well as confidentiality of data handling security, privacy and trust. Interoperability brings major benefits across the board, such as more freedom of choice and more resources to end-users. Yet wider adoption cannot take place without the implementation of standards at all levels. Of equal importance to Europe is the shaping of e-Infrastructures by building on current achievements and R&D strengths. The grid computing and research community have a key role to play in shaping this future landscape, helping to build bridges with enterprise and open doors for collaborative research.

Cloudscape series has become an annual date for funding agencies, service providers, end-users, IT analysts and information security experts to debate on the Cloud computing landscape, covering benefits and challenges for research, enterprise, and government with practical use cases, success stories from Europe’s R&D landscape and  ample networking opportunities.

Cloudscape IV - Advances on Interoperability and Cloud Computing Standards
23 & 24 February 2012

06381fa5-f078-418f-a93c-71a0eacaca12Cloudscape IV will focus strongly on interoperability issues with the involvement of key Standard Development Organizations (SDOs); highlighting how Distributed Computing Infrastructures' (DCIs) assets can be taken up by enterprise and eGovernment; and on the established collaboration with NIST, the US National Institute of Standards and Technology, and SIENA's recently contribution to the NIST Cloud Computing Roadmap.

Cloudscape IV event page

Cloudscape III – Taking European Cloud Infrastructure Forward 15-16 March 2011

With over 30 speakers and panellists, 25 use cases and position papers and a first iteration of the SIENA standardisation Roadmap, Cloudscape III brought a 360° overview on the Cloud computing landscape, covering benefits for enterprise, research and government alongside challenges spanning scalability, data movement, ownership and privacy, security and legal issues, openness and interoperability.

The potential benefits of cloud computing in business, public services and scientific research are widely recognised. Efforts like the SIENA standardisation roadmap will be very useful in making these benefits materialise”

Robert Madelin, Director-General, DG INFSO of the European Commission
& Cloudscape III Keynote speaker

a540de99-5404-4bd3-b5d1-42762876d62aThe event saw over 100 participants gather at this premier Cloud computing event which, through a series of key presentations and interactive roundtables, identified a series of challenges impacting on the adoption of standards in Cloud computing. These challenges are universal and call for a  broad consensus and a global approach. Data protection was spotlighted as one of the hottest topics that needs addressing at policy level while experts also stressed the value of risk assessments and feasible exit strategies for anyone thinking about moving to the Cloud.

“More emphasis needs to be placed on best practices, reference implementations, testing and demos. Extending joint work on standards and educating people on Cloud at the right time, especially graduates as the next generation of ICT workers, are both very important steps”

Vincent Franceschini, HITACHI Data Systems, SIENA Expert & Cloudscape III Keynote speaker.


You can access a series of documents related to Cloudscape III and the SIENA European Roadmap on Grid and Cloud Standards for e-Science and Beyond at the Cloudscape III dedicated page.

Cloudscape II – Advances in European e-Infrastructures, February 2010

Cloudscape II, 22-23 February 2010 in Brussels brought together over 120 experts, developers and end-users in the cloud computing space for an intense, two-day dialogue on current and future trends with special emphasis on real use cases, best practices, policy issues and the benefits of interoperability through a bottom-up approach. The insights delivered were underpinned by new market analysis and a look at Europe’s strengths, new opportunities, and the research and development that is needed to take cloud computing to the next level.

Participants ranged from 23 large enterprises, including BT, eBay, Microsoft, SAP and 12 SMEs, to 45 representatives from academia and research, Japan and US representatives attending specifically for Cloudscape-II and representatives from three Directorates of the European Commission: GÉANT and Infrastructure Unit, Software & Service Architectures and Infrastructures and Policy. The Irish government was also in attendance, offering new insights in current trends and challenges in the Cloudscape.

The Workshop opened with a set of real use case scenarios from eBay, SAP, Newcastle University, INFN and the University of Valencia, showcasing benefits in both large enterprise and science and pinpointing further developments with the promise of cost savings, flexibility and scalability across the board.

Day two of Cloudscape was dedicated to exploring policy and interoperability by examining current trends and future developments in the landscape.

For more information please download Cloudscape II post-event report.

Cloudscape II: The panel experts.

Cloudscape I – Multiple Perspectives on Clouds & Grids, January 2009

Guided by the thought leadership of OGF-Europe’s Industry Expert Group (IEG), Cloudscape I was a highly successful workshop bringing together over 100 participants from business, government and research to explore the benefits, adoption drivers and challenges of Cloud Computing and its positioning in relation to grid computing, unlocking new opportunities to investigate clouds from diverse perspectives: market analysis and perceptions, policy and legal issues, and end-users, as well as EC funding priorities. Additionally, experts from a number of EC projects delivered insights into new developments emerging from on-going collaborative developments, illustrating important links between priorities in enterprise and research and helping to build a critical mass around the innovation cycle underpinned by distributed computing.

For more information please download Cloudscape I Report: Multiple Perspectives on Cloud & Grid Computing.

Cloudscape & SIENA

The SIENA project organizes annual Cloudscape workshops bringing together over 100 carefully selected experts, developers and end-users in the cloud computing space for intense, two-day dialogue on current and future trends with special emphasis on real use cases, best practices, policy issues and the benefits of interoperability through a bottom-up approach. The SIENA Cloudscape workshops follow on from Cloudscape I (2009) and Cloudscape II (2010), organized by OGF-Europe which featured all members of the SIENA consortium.