SIENA NIST SIENA’s objectives are complementary to the role of the US National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) in cloud standards, guidance and technology. NIST partners with the EC and SIENA specifically in these areas. SIENA & NIST have developed a working relationship to help exchange efforts in common needs, recommendations and next steps.


With over 100 participants from the scientific community, industry, standards organisations and policy makers, representatives from 50 EC-funded projects, over 300 tweets, 45 new online community members since the event, and the event streamed live on the SIENA Channel, Cloudscape IV lived up to all expectations and continued its successful four-year run.

But what did some of the participants make of the event and looking ahead, how can the Cloudscape series continue to bring key stakeholders together to discuss the adoption of cloud standards. We asked some of the key participants for their views post-event.

7c44cb32-e741-41f6-afbb-591a5c241f08“My involvement in Cloudscape workshops over the past three years has increased my interest in them and led me to appreciate their value-add more and more. As always, Cloudscape IV was perfectly organised and attracted an excellent line-up of speakers”.
Ignacio Blanquer, Associate Professor, Universidad Politécnica de Valencia and VENUS-C project

ea8e170f-77fa-4ac1-a913-0b1cc695e61c“Cloudscape IV offered an opportunity for continued engagement on advances in cloud computing. I look forward to supporting future workshops”
Joe Baguely, Chief Technology Officer, EMEA, VMWare

768f05b9-12dc-41e4-9025-442baaa54348“Cloudscape IV was highly successful thanks to the dedicated efforts of the SIENA Consortium”.
John Borras, OASIS & SIENA Roadmap Editorial Board Co-chair

52a72064-a9d7-4599-b7e9-74f5ba60bf13"I found Cloudscape IV extremely useful, especially the updates on the scientific community involved in the cloud. I would like to congratulate you as organisers on the very interesting programme and impressive line-up of speakers. I look forward to taking part in future Cloudscape workshops, playing a role in building even stronger relationships with the scientific community."
Marco Carugi, Senior Expert - ZTE Corporation & ITU - International Telecommunication Union

bf1ed374-6af3-4374-bd38-f3e68bf5efc2" I think is a good idea to keep on organising Cloudscape. The focus on standard and best practice is very good, and it would give a clear positioning to the conference. I'd like to be involved, as an individual and as CSA. "
Daniele Cattedu, Managing Director, EMEA, Cloud Security Alliance

372aad14-5e78-48ea-9e74-8d65ae194f35“Cloudscape workshops have helped increase my personal awareness of standards and interoperability initiatives and share these insights with projects that I’m involved in, like StratusLab. GRNET has its own IaaS cloud initiative due to go into production. The Cloudscape events therefore remain very relevant to our work. We will be happy to continue contributing to them in the future”.
Vangelis Floros, GRNET & StratusLab

446be075-eafa-4fa5-9fd8-e0acd5dc775f“Cloudscape IV offered an excellent opportunity to share information on cloud initiatives in Brazil, Europe and other world regions”.
Lidandro Zambenedetti Granville, Associate Professor, Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul (UFRGS), Institute of Informatics

7e235a96-d139-47b3-9204-45a5145f45b6“Cloudscape IV was a very valuable event. I will be sharing the takeaways with partners in TClouds. We look forward to taking part in future events”.

Elmar Husmann, Senior Managing Consultant, IBM Strategy & Change - Innovation & TCloud project

720c4c52-5503-4835-917e-3f80cfa4c78c“Cloudscape IV is a valuable event for VISION cloud. We definitely aim to take part in future Cloudscape workshops”.
Dimosthenis Kyriazis, Research Engineer, National Technical University of Athens & VISION Cloud project

8db5cd74-34e3-4c0c-a0de-efe053942e32“Cloudscape IV was a very well organised and interesting event. It was a pleasure to take an active part”.

Maryline Lengert, Senior Advisor at ESRIN, European Space Agency

eb770d78-932f-456e-bd7f-c42af3f4fd0e“The Cloudscape workshop series has become the forum for fostering closer coordination between standards groups in the cloud computing arena and exploring how standards are implemented in government and research settings. Moving forward, this workshop series can fulfil its potential to offer a practical approach to achieving interoperability”.
Iganacio Llorente, OpenNebula Project Director

245c7ef8-73d6-4c0d-9c49-76e6d17ba032“Thank you for the opportunity to talk about our work at Cloudscape IV. We are definitely interested in pursuing ways in which we can support future workshops”.
Philippe Massonet, Scientific Coordinator, CETIC

7f45892c-86c2-4d0d-b835-ce852c4ace1a“Cloudscape definitely features in my top 10 workshops out of the many events that take place each year. The Cloudscape workshop is a great place to promote standards among computing infrastructures, suppliers, funding agencies, end-users and IT analysts, exchanging ideas and spotlighting new advances. It is a premier event in Europe counting global participation.”
Pasquale Pagano, Senior Researcher Associate, Italian Research Council - Networked Multimedia Information Systems Laboratory (ISTI-CNR)

402e07be-ed3b-44ab-8423-d9b13652cac5“The Storage Networking Industry Association (SNIA) is absolutely interested in taking part in Cloudscape V – 2013 and beyond”.
Markus Pleier, Chief Technical Officer EMEA, EMC