SIENA NIST SIENA’s objectives are complementary to the role of the US National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) in cloud standards, guidance and technology. NIST partners with the EC and SIENA specifically in these areas. SIENA & NIST have developed a working relationship to help exchange efforts in common needs, recommendations and next steps.

SIENA Roadmap

“International standardisation efforts will also have a huge impact on cloud computing. Open specifications are a key in creating competitive and flourishing markets that deliver what customers need. Europe can play a big role here – building on, for example, the SIENA initiative and its development of a "standardisation roadmap for clouds and grids for e-Science and beyond".

Source: Brussels, 22 March 2011, SPEECH/11/199  “European Cloud Computing Strategy needs to aim high”, by Neelie Kroes, Vice-President of the European Commission responsible for Digital Agenda

    The Distributed Computing Infrastructure (DCI) landscape has developed exponentially in recent years, with Grid computing continuing to be a prized component in large-scale computing for science. Meanwhile, the dynamic provisioning and scalability of Cloud computing is seeing rapid adoption in industry, with researchers looking at these benefits to adapt to their own resource-heavy needs. This diversity of technology, services, providers and users brings the need for their close  collaboration. SIENA works with the DCI community and industry leaders to keep Europe’s scientific communities supported with the e-Infrastructures they need.
    It is expected that a standards and policy framework for distributed computing will be defined over the next two to three years ensuring fair competition and, from a European perspective, adherence to the EC’s strategic priorities for e-Infrastructures full potential.


The SIENA Roadmap on Distributed Computing Infrastructure  for e-Science and Beyond in Europe – May 2012


SIENA Roadmap.jpgThis Roadmap assesses the situation,  identifies issues, and makes recommendations regarding the adoption and  evolution of open standards-based interoperable grid and cloud computing  infrastructure (e-infrastructure) to support research in Europe. The vision for  such a European e-infrastructure is to empower productivity of research  communities through ubiquitous, trusted, and easy trans-national access to  services for data, computation, communication and collaborative work. Some  considerations in this roadmap apply also to computing in industry and the  public sector.
    The goal of  SIENA, Standards and Interoperability for eInfrastructure implemeNtation  initiAtive, is to accelerate and coordinate the adoption and evolution of  interoperable distributed computing infrastructures through engagement with  industry, standards development organisations (SDOs) and major stakeholders to  forge community agreements on best practices and standards for distributed  computing.
    SIENA is  the first initiative to bring to the same table standardization bodies to  support the analysis of open standards-based interoperable grid and cloud  computing infrastructures. The SDOs that have contributed include: the Open  Grid Forum (OGF), the Institute for Electrical and Electronics Engineers  Standards Association (IEEE SA), the European Telecommunications Standards  Institute (ETSI), the Distributed Management Task Force (DMTF), the  Organization for the Adoption of Structured Information Standards (OASIS), the  Storage Networking Industry Association (SNIA), and International  Telecommunication Union Telecommunication Standardization Sector (ITU-T).

  The  primary focus of the SIENA initiative is European electronic infrastructure for  research. We therefore, take into consideration the points of view of both the  people responsible for infrastructure creation and operation, such as service  and application developers, and the “end users”, for example, researchers in  science, the arts and humanities. The focus on standards and interoperability  and the offer of services through European grid and cloud infrastructures will  benefit the education sector, and will also be relevant for e-government and  commercial enterprises that can take advantage of the substantial research  background that underlies most e-infrastructures. 

SIENA Roadmap  on Grid and Cloud Standards for e-Science and Beyond – March 2011

031997b2-74cd-48af-81e7-ccc24c5d5cf8The first iteration of the SIENA European Roadmap on Grid and Cloud Standards for e-Science and Beyond was released at Cloudscape III,  15 - 16 March 2011,  Brussels.

  The document gives insight into e-Infrastructure requirements and technology, as well as the invaluable role that standardization and interoperability have for the successful application of distributed computing. The importance of international co-ordination is also highlighted with important links to the US National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) helping to build coordination on the development of standards for Cloud computing. Finally, the roadmap sets out a number of recommendations including the undertaking of determined and targeted efforts to discourage fragmentation, and to encourage and participate in the development of an adequate set of structures - both organizational (e.g. governance, single sign on, etc.) and technical (e.g. open standards, security, software, etc.) to ensure the interoperability of future European e-infrastructures for research and e-government.

The document also includes use cases and position papers collected for the Cloudscape III  event, serving primarily as a sample of the cloud computing landscape. The challenges highlighted were discussed at Cloudscape III and will be fed into the second iteration of the Roadmap which will be released in October 2011.