SIENA NIST SIENA’s objectives are complementary to the role of the US National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) in cloud standards, guidance and technology. NIST partners with the EC and SIENA specifically in these areas. SIENA & NIST have developed a working relationship to help exchange efforts in common needs, recommendations and next steps.


Cloudscape IV – Advances on Interoperability & Cloud Computing Standards

23rd & 24th February 2012

Location: Avenue de Beaulieu BU, 25, Belgium (Ground Floor, Nearest Metro Beaulieu)

Presentations & Agenda


DAY 1 – Thursday 23rd February 2012

08:00 - 09:00   REGISTRATION

09:00 - 09:05   Cloudscape Opening & Welcomewatch the video     
Silvana Muscella, OGF.eeig & SIENA Technical Coordinator
09:05 - 09:25   Cloud computing for the Digital Agenda - Keynote message - watch the video       
Mario Campolargo, Director DG INFSO Emerging Technologies and Infrastructures, European Commission, Belgium

09:25 - 10:30  Cloud Computing Interoperability & the Digital Agenda
Chair: Silvana Muscella, OGF.eeig & SIENA Technical Coordinator
09:25 - 09:45   Conclusions of the SIENA European Roadmap on Distributed Computing Infrastructure for eScience and Beyond in Europe - watch the video
Martin Antony Walker, Independent Consultant & SIENA REB Chair
09:45 - 10:00   Aiming High - Is the EU More or Less Cloud-friendly and Cloud-active than Other Regions?- watch the video
Jan Duffy, EMEA Research Director, IDC Government Insights and IDC Health Insights
10:00 - 10:15   UK's university adoption of shared cloud services watch the video  
Andy Powell, Research Programme Director, Eduserv
10:15 - 10:30   Comparing and strengthening respective use cases in Cloud Computing with US Government - watch the video
Dawn Leaf, Senior Advisor in the National Institute of Standards and Technology Information Technology Laboratory, and the NIST Senior  Executive for Cloud Computing

10:30 - 11:00   COFFEE BREAK    

11:00 - 13:00   Cloud computing for European Scientific Research User communities – Interoperability Use cases
Chair: Fabrizio Gagliardi, EMEA Director Microsoft Research
11:00 - 11:15   From Molecules to Galaxies: Benefits & Opportunities of VENUS-C Use Casewatch the video  
Ignacio Blanquer, Associate Professor, Universidad Politécnica de Valencia and VENUS-C representative
11:15 - 11:30   EGI: Building a European Cloud through Federation - watch the video 
Steven Newhouse, Director of and Project Director of the EGI-InSPIRE  project, representing the DCI community  
11:30 - 11:45   Open-source and Standards - Unleashing the Potential for Innovation of Cloud Computing
Ignacio M. Llorente, OpenNebula Project Director
11:45 - 12:00   A European multi-cloud infrastructure for experimentation - BonFIRE - watch the video
Josep Martrat, ATOS & BONFIRE Project Director
12:00 - 13:00   Roundtable Discussion
All session speakers, with Vangelis Floros, Project Manager at GRNET, Activity leader of the StratusLab Infrastructure Operations WP- Presentation Slides; Morris Riedel, EMI Strategic Director, EUDAT TF leader, and XSEDE architect - Presentation Slides; Alexander Papaspyrou, Technische Univ. Dortmund, Germany

13:00 - 14:00   NETWORKING LUNCH    
14:00 - 16:00   Trust, Legal & Security Issues in Cloud Computing
Chair: Craig Lee, OGF Board of Directors and past President, USA, & SIENA REB
14:00 - 14:20   Cloud Security Alliance – what is happening in 2012 - watch the video  
Daniele Catteddu, Managing Director Cloud Security  Alliance (CSA)
14:20 - 14:40   TCloud - A Trustworthy environment - watch the video
Elmar Husmann, Senior Managing Consultant at IBM Strategy & Change - Innovation & TCloud Representative on behalf of the IBM Zurich Labs
14:40 - 15:00   Cloud Policy & Data Privacy - watch the video
Dennis Gannon,  Director of Cloud Research Engagements, Technology Policy Group, Microsoft
15:00 - 15:20   Common Assurance Maturity Model (CAMM)   - watch the video
Philippe Massonet, Scientific Coordinator, CETIC
15:20 - 15:40   UK's Government Cloud - What happened next? - watch the video
Ian Osborne, ICT KTN Project Director, Intellect
15:40 - 16:00   Roundtable Discussion  - watch the video
All session speakers with Dana Petcu, mOSAIc and e-IRG - watch the video

16:00 – 16:30  COFFEE BREAK    

16:30 - 18:00   PANEL DISCUSSION: What are the Standards Bodies doing & how do they respond to challenges from the community?

Chair – David Wallom, Associate Director – Innovation, OERC & SIENA Consortium - watch the Panel Discussion video

18:30  - 21:00   Networking Cocktail & Demos sponsored by Microsoft
Welcome speech by John Vassallo, Vice-President EU Affairs
Microsoft Executive Briefing Centre, Avenue des Nerviens 85 - 1040 Brussels. Transport to venue will be provided
Running presentations from use cases will be viewed especially from projects including: VENUS-C, StratusLab, EUBrazilOpenBio, mOSAIC, EGI, BonFIRE, etc.


DAY 2 – Friday 24th February 2012

08:00 - 09:00    REGISTRATION

09:00 - 10:30   PANEL DISCUSSION- Global Developments in Cloud Computing for Science & Future Collaborations with Europe
Chair: Kostantinos Glinos, Head of Unit “GEANT and eInfrastructures” at the European Commission, DG Information Society and Media

10:30 - 11:00    COFFEE BREAK

11:00 - 13:00   Industry Talking Cloud interoperability - Barriers and Opportunities  - watch the video
Chair: Markus Pleier, SNIA Europe Technology Co-Chair and CTO EMEA at EMC
11:00 - 11:20   EuroCIOs Wish list to cloud computing adoption   - watch the video
Joost Rommelaere, CIO Forum of  Belgian Business, & Eric Henault, Network Coordinator, the European CIO Association
11:20 - 11:40   Cloud Interoperability: Chances and Challenges for a broad European Market Acceptance   - watch the video
Bernd Becker, Chairman of EuroCloud Deutschland_eco e.V. and Vice President EuroCloud Europe
11:40 - 12:00   Helix-Nebula, the Science Cloud A Strategic Plan for a European Scientific Cloud Computing Infrastructure
Maryline Lengert, Senior Advisor at ESRIN, ESA - watch the video
12:00 - 12:20   Enabling Interoperability for Data: The VISION Cloud Data Mobility Approach  - watch the video
Dimosthenis Kyriazis, Research Engineer at ICCS/NTUA, VISION Cloud Representative
12:20 - 12:40   What are the entry points to cloud, how is it really transforming IT consumption and deployment  - watch the video
Joe Baguley, VMware's CTO in EMEA
12:40 - 13:00   Roundtable Discussion
          All session speakers

13:00 - 14:00 NETWORKING LUNCH

14:00 - 15:30  Cloudscape-IV Wrap UP  - What's in store for Europe's future on cloud computing in 2012  - watch the video
Chair: Silvana Muscella, OGF.eeig & SIENA Technical Coordinator
The concluding session involves SIENA REB members & Working Group from Commission Representatives unit to both highlight interoperability challenges relating to the adoption of cloud standards and interoperability issues facing eScience & industry communities.