SIENA NIST SIENA’s objectives are complementary to the role of the US National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) in cloud standards, guidance and technology. NIST partners with the EC and SIENA specifically in these areas. SIENA & NIST have developed a working relationship to help exchange efforts in common needs, recommendations and next steps.

TITLE Cloudscape IV Advances on Interoperability and Cloud Computing Standards - 23 - 24 February 2012
Cloudscape IV Advances on Interoperability and Cloud Computing Standards - 23 - 24 February 2012

Cloudscape IV - Advances on Interoperability and Cloud Computing Standards
23 & 24 February 2012,
European Commission premises Brussels, Belgium.

“The Cloudscape workshop series has become the forum for fostering closer coordination between standards groups in the cloud computing arena and exploring how standards are implemented in government and research settings. Moving forward, this workshop series can fulfil its potential to offer a practical approach to achieving interoperability”.
Iganacio Llorente, OpenNebula Project Director

10cce4c7-7f90-4270-9b3f-4b03262507e0Cloudscape IV, hosted at the European Commission premises in Brussels and coordinated by the SIENA initiative (FP7, e-Infrastructures), continued its successful four-year run as over 120 stakeholders from the scientific community, industry, standards organisations and policy makers gathered to explore the most discussed topics around cloud computing. In a rapidly evolving landscape, we need to place more  emphasis on the success stories of the cloud, seeking practical solutions to challenges that are not so much technical as policy related. Once key challenges have been mastered, many new and creative approaches to scientific discovery will be possible. International outreach, including the active participation of experts from Brazil, Japan and the U.S., perfectly illustrated how synergies with Europe can unlock new opportunities with competition amongst suppliers inspiring innovation.
Download the Cloudscape IV post-event report

“Cloudscape IV offered an opportunity for continued engagement on advances in cloud computing. I look forward to supporting future workshops”
Joe Baguely, Chief Technology Officer, EMEA, VMWare

cba70df7-c5b5-42e0-9bb1-3e69d43fc882The Cloudscape series has become an annual date for funding agencies, service providers, end-users, IT analysts and information security experts to debate on the Cloud computing landscape, covering benefits and challenges for research, enterprise, and government with practical use cases, success stories from Europe’s R&D landscape and  ample networking opportunities.
  • Cloud Computing Interoperability & the European Digital Agenda
  • Cloud computing for European Scientific Research User communities – Interoperability Use cases
  • Trust, Legal & Security Issues in Cloud Computing
  • What are the Standards Bodies doing & how do they respond to challenges from the community?
  • Global Developments in Cloud Computing for Science & Future Collaborations with Europe
  • Industry Talking Cloud interoperability  - Barriers and Opportunities
  • SIENA Roadmap Recommendations & the Cloud Computing Survey taken from the Digital Agenda
Download the Cloudscape IV presentations - Videos of all presentations will be available shortly.
Download the Cloudscape IV position papers

"I found Cloudscape IV extremely useful, especially the updates on the scientific community involved in the cloud. I would like to congratulate you as organisers on the very interesting programme and impressive line-up of speakers. I look forward to taking part in future Cloudscape workshops, playing a role in building even stronger relationships with the scientific community."

Marco Carugi, Senior Expert - ZTE Corporation & ITU - International Telecommunication Union 

7f26d219-81a7-462b-a4a2-5f6170aeee18The event also saw the launch of the second iteration of the SIENA Roadmap on Distributed Computing Infrastructure for  e-Science and Beyond in Europe. The Roadmap assesses the situation, identifies issues, and makes recommendations regarding the adoption and evolution of open standards-based interoperable grid and cloud computing infrastructure (e-infrastructure) to support research in Europe.
Download the SIENA Roadmap on Distributed Computing Infrastructure for e-Science and Beyond in Europe

“Cloudscape definitely features in my top 10 workshops out of the many events that take place each year. The Cloudscape workshop is a great place to promote standards among computing infrastructures, suppliers, funding agencies, end-users and IT analysts, exchanging ideas and spotlighting new advances. It is a premier event in Europe counting global participation.”
Pasquale Pagano, Senior Researcher Associate, Italian Research Council - Networked Multimedia Information Systems Laboratory (ISTI-CNR)

“Cloudscape workshops have helped increase my personal awareness of standards and interoperability initiatives and share these insights with projects that I’m involved in, like StratusLab. GRNET has its own IaaS cloud initiative due to go into production. The Cloudscape events therefore remain very relevant to our work. We will be happy to continue contributing to them in the future”.
Vangelis Floros, GRNET & StratusLab

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Cloudscape IV Networking Cocktail was Sponsored by Microsoft

Microsoft Executive Briefing Centre, Avenue des Nerviens, 95, 1040 Brussels

Participants enjoyed an xcellent opportunity to unwind after the first day with the chance to enjoy drinks, light snacks, network, and enjoy a mini-tour of the EBC.

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